Best Usborne Books and Kane Miller Books for Halloween

Best Usborne Books and Kane Miller Books for Halloween

October 1, 2021
Brittany the Book Lady

Books make the best gifts for holidays, birthdays, and just because! If you're anything like me, Halloween is a great excuse for giving gifts! Along with some sweet treats, our kids get a few books to enjoy every Halloween, as well! Here is a round up of some books for all ages from the teeny babies to the middle grade kiddos in our lives! To see even more books, be sure to check out the Halloween book section on my bookshop! 

Halloween Books for Babies & Toddlers

Your little one will delight in the simple images in these sweet little touchy-feely books! There's also a little mouse to spot on every page! For Halloween, we recommend: 

That's Not My Bat

That's Not My Witch

That's Not My Monster

Be sure to check out the rest of our "That's Not My..." Series books, too! There are so many to choose form and they make great baby shower gifts, as well! 

Poppy & Sam's Halloween Party - Poppy and Sam are favorite characters in our home! Enjoy this Halloween-themed tale taking place on Apple Tree Farm, featuring peek through holes, fingertrails, and a little duck to spot on each page! 

Monster Hide-and-Seek - Your little one will enjoy counting and spotting monsters under the flaps of this sturdy board book. We thought it would be perfect for Halloween! 

Check out all of our other Hide-and-Seek Series books, as well! 

Are you there little bat? - With peek through windows, fingertrails, children will enjoy looking for the little bat in this cute board book. On every page, children are surprised to learn that they have found something else! On the last page, they find the cute little bat! 

Don't miss all of the rest of our "Are you there little..." Series books! 

Muddle and Match Monsters - Young children will delight in creating a variety of silly monsters as they flip through the split pages as they muddle up the story! 

Don't miss the rest of our Muddle and Match Series books! 

Great Story Books for Halloween

Our phonics readers are so fun! There are so many to choose from! With silly stories, fun illustrations, and a storyline that has a predictable rhyme pattern! These make such great books to build confidence in emerging readers. For Halloween, we recommend: 

Trick or Treat Parakeet

Spider Queen's Halloween

Be sure to check out all of our other Usborne Phonic Reader Series books, too! 

This series of early readers has been so popular! We are enjoying them in our home, as well! With bright artwork, a rhyming storyline, easy vocabulary, and a stories that draw the children in, the books in this series make early reading fun! These would ALL make great Halloween gifts! Purchase them individually or score the whole School of Monsters Series at a cost savings! 

Hairy Sam Loves Bread and Jam

Mary has the Best Pet

Pete's Big Feet

Jamie Lee's Birthday Treat

Bat-Boy Tim Says Boo

Beast Feast - Beast plans to eat Dinner, but Dinner (the small boy) foils his plan! Don't worry, the boy will make his great escape! Children love the interactive foldout RSVPs that Beast sends to all of his friends along the way! This title is so popular! We highly recommend it.

Nibbles the Monster Hunt - Follow our popular character Nibbles the Book Monster on yet another adventure! This book features interactive "books within the book" as we journey along with Nibbles! Find out which books he munches on this time and learn how he makes a brand new friend! 

Be sure to check out all of the other Nibbles the Book Monster Series books, too! 

Lights-Out Leonard - Leonard is afraid of the dark and he resists bedtime night after night. His parents are weary, but they develop a clever plan to help him overcome his fear so everyone can finally get a good night's sleep! I'll give you a hint - Leonard finds a mysterious book titled How to Frighten Monsters.

Halloween Books for Older Readers

Monsters at Halloween - Billy goes to a Halloween party, but of course, the mini monsters have come along for the ride. What mischief will they get into this time? 

Be sure to check out all of the other Billy and the Mini Monsters Series books, too! 

Spooky House - In the first book of our Billie B Mystery series, Billie and some of her closest friends from school form a little club to solve mysteries at school and in their neighborhood! The first mystery to solve - what's up with that spooky house at the end of the street? 

Don't miss the other books in the Billie B Mystery Series as well - Code Breakers (2), Playground Detectives (3), Strawberry Thief (4), Stolen Stash (5), Treasure Hunt (6) 

Vlad is a vampire, but he's truly the world's worst vampire. He's afraid of the dark and really isn't good at vampire things! In fact, he'd much prefer to go out during the daytime and attend human school! Will he be able to keep it a secret that he's a vampire? Will he ever truly be able to fit in with the humans at his school? How will he keep it from his parents that he's going out during the daytime and mingling with humans? Be sure to check out all of the books in this series -

Vlad the World's Worst Vampire

Fang-tastic Friends

Midnight Fright

Spook-tacular Surprise

Or you can grab the whole Vlad the World's Worst Vampire Series and get yourself a cost savings! 

Polly and Buster come from different worlds. Witches and Monsters really aren't supposed to be friends or even mingle! So they hold a secret friendship. Can they keep their secret or will they be found out? We recommend all of the books in this trilogy that will highlight the true magic of friendship! 

Polly and Buster: The Wayward Witch and the Feelings Monster

Polly and Buster: The Mystery of the Magic Stones

Polly and Buster: The Search for the Silver Witch

Or grab all 3 books in the Polly and Buster Series and get yourself a cost savings! 

Illustrated Stories of Monsters, Ogres and Giants Check out one of our newest additions to our illustrated stories series and enjoy stories with monsters, ogres, giants, and even trolls. In this anthology, you'll find a variety of stories including both classics and original tales! 

Dracula - Enjoy this graphic novel version of the popular classic! It's full of adventure, drama and terrifying suspense! Fabulous for the vampire lover in your life! 

Don't miss the rest of the books in our Usborne Graphic Novel Series

Tom & Tallulah and the Witches' Feast - Tallulah and her brother Tom must prepare a delicious witches' feast in order to prove herself to the other witches in the witches' circle. Will she be able to rise up to this challenge before time runs out? 

Don't miss out on the other adventurous fantasy stand-alone novels by Vivian French

Shadow Chaser - Do you or your children like choose your own adventure style books? You're in luck! This new choose your own adventure novel will put you in charge of your own epic adventure and your survival and the fate of the entire kingdom will depend on the decisions that you make! 

Activity Books for Halloween

Little Coloring Halloween - Check out this seasonal addition to our little coloring book series! These first coloring books feature dark black outlines and simple pictures, which make early coloring easier for little ones! They will be coloring within the lines before you know it! 

Be sure to check out the rest of our Little Coloring books

Little Sticker Dolly Dressing Costume Parade - This costume-themed sticker dolly dressing book will be perfect to gift to your little sticker dolly dressing fan! Through the pages, your child will dress the dollies with the accompanying sticker costume pieces and decorate the scenes with fun props and accessories! 

Don't miss the rest of our Little Sticker Dolly Dressing Series books!

Halloween Magic Painting Book - A seasonal addition to our magic painting series! Your child will dip the paintbrush in water and run the brush over the pages and the colors will appear on the scened pages, just like magic! 

Check out the rest of our Magic Painting books!

Wipe-Clean Halloween Activities

Young children will be improving their pen control while completing Halloween-themed dot-to-dots, mazes, tracing, spotting the differences, and more! The pages can be wiped clean and your child can complete the puzzles again and again! 

Be sure to check out all of our interactive Wipe-Clean Activity books!

Wipe-Clean Monster Mazes

Another cute wipe-clean book to gift to your kiddo for Halloween! This one features monster-themed mazes that kids can complete again and again with the unique wipe-clean feature! 

Be sure to check out the rest of our Wipe-Clean books, too! 

Build Your Own Monsters - This one comes from our popular build your own sticker book series! Your child will read about the stats for and "build" 18 terrifying monsters, using stickers! 

Be sure to check out the rest of our Build Your Own Series sticker books

Want to score some of these for free and half priced? I invite you to consider hosting an online book party, a fun and easy way to learn about our books. Contact me to chat details! 

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