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Kids Flashlight Books

Our popular shine a light series now has 20 amazing books to choose from! Each page has a prompt to consider and then your child can shine a flashlight behind the page to reveal a hidden image. Turn the page to read more about the image that was revealed. These books are sure to enchant your reader!

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How do you read a flashlight book?

  1. Grab a flashlight
  2. Grab your favorite flashlight books
  3. Gather your family
  4. Turn off the lights or go outside at night
  5. Find a comfy place to sit together
  6. Snuggle up in a blanket
  7. Read each page with your kids
  8. Let your kids find the hidden illustrations holding a flashlight behind the page
  9. Once done, turn off the flashlight and look at the stars with your kids
  10. Make memories with your kids

Boost your storytime experience

What's unique about an Usborne flashlight book?

Flashlight books are nonfiction books written and illustrated in picture book format. Each 2 page spread of the book has a dark colored page that reveals a hidden image when you place a light behind it.

Where can I buy these books?

You can shop all flashlight books here on our site.

What types of books are there?

What are some popular books titles?

These books are great for bedtime storytime, along with the following activities with your kids:

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to buy a special flashlight for this book?

No you can hold it up to any light source.

Do flashlight books make a good gift?

These books make a great gift especially when paired with a flashlight.

Do you have to read a flashlight book in the dark?

No you don't have to read it in the dark. You just need to hold its pages up to a light sources to see the hidden images.

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Make memories with your kids by taking them on a trip during the day and reading them a corresponding flashlight book at night.

Here are some trip ideas to get you started: