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Kids Diversity Books

It's important that our children are exposed to characters from lots of different backgrounds so that they can widen their worldview and learn to be tolerant and accepting of those who are different from them. Kindness matters and differences make us unique! Check out our Usborne diversity book selection!

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What's unique about an Usborne diversity book?

We believes that books should be windows and mirrors for children. It is important for us that characters from a variety of backgrounds and experiences are represented. You will find that we offer several books that highlight and celebrate diversity.

What types of books are there?

Where can I buy these books?

You can shop all diversity books here on our site.

What are some popular books titles?

Frequently asked questions

Do your diversity books feature characters of a variety of different skin tones?

Yes, you will find that our books feature characters of all different skin tones. We believe that people of all different backgrounds should be featured and celebrated in our books.

Do your diversity books help children expand their worldview?

Yes, many of our books highlight different experiences so that children can expand their worldview, celebrate differences in the world around them, and consider others' perspectives.

Do your books celebrate accomplishments of people from a variety of backgrounds?

Yes, you will especially find this in the Extraordinary Lives series, Amazing Women, The Amazing Discoveries of 100 Brilliant Scientists, and Dr. Maggie's Grand Tour of the Solar System!

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