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Our reusable sticker books are very engaging and provide endless entertainment for young children. These Usborne books promote fine motor development and enhance matching and visual discrimination skills, as well. With a repetitive storyline and predictive text, your child won't be able to get enough!

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How do you read a reusable sticker book?

Many of our reusable sticker books allow young children some open-ended fun (like It's Christmastime!), or opportunities to match (like in All Better) and practice their fine motor skills. After reading the page, the child will go back to the sticker page and locate the matching reusable sticker and place it in the proper spot on the page they are reading. At the end of the book, they can go back and replace all of the stickers they used on the first page.

What's unique about an Usborne reusable sticker book?

Children delight in choosing reusable stickers or finding the right matching sticker, and placing it in the proper spot on the page. Some of our reusable sticker books are more open-ended and kids love to be creative with these books. Kids get to practice matching and fine motor skills.

What types of books are there?

Where can I buy these books?

You can shop all reusable sticker books here on our site.

What are some popular books titles?

Frequently asked questions

Are the stickers reusable?

Yes, these stickers are made of sturdy plastic construction and can be stuck again and again.

What happens if my reusable stickers lose their stickiness?

These stickers can be easily refreshed by rinsing them under cold water, rubbing them clean, and patting them dry or letting them air dry.

Are these books educational?

Yes, children will practice matching and fine motor skills with these books. They will also learn hygiene or how to cope with routines or new experiences like getting glasses, brushing their teeth, or getting ready for bed.

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