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Allow us to introduce to you Nibbles, the Book Monster. He has captured the hearts of many Usborne book fans! He is full of mischief and absolutely loves to munch on books including fairy tales, a dinosaur guide, and even numbers! What more could you ask for! Children will laugh and learn while reading Nibbles.

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Meet your kids' favorite new monster.

A monster that won't scare my kids you say? Exactly, what could be better? Nibbles is a lovable yellow monster that always seems to find himself getting into trouble when he's around books.You see, He doesn't just love books. He REALLY loves books... so much so, that he actually eats his way through them. Children will love following his trail as he chomps through these books on his humorous adventures as they learn all along the way.

How do you read these books?

Follow Nibbles on his journey chomping his way through his favorite thing to eat: books! Lift flaps, peer through the chew holes, and learn colors, practice counting, laugh at his mischief, and learn facts along the way.

What's unique about an Usborne Nibbles the Book Monster book?

These books have die cut outs where Nibbles, our cheeky book monster has munched through the page. There are also flaps to lift to keep kids engaged! Some of the books even have a smaller "book within a book."

What types of books are there?

Where can I buy these books?

You can shop all Nibbles books here on our site.

What are some popular books titles?

Frequently asked questions

Are these books interactive?

Yes, kids will enjoy lifting flaps, finding Nibbles, and peek through chew holes throughout the book.

Are Nibbles books popular?

Yes, the books in the this series are some of our most popular books, topping the best seller charts all of the time.

Are these books educational?

Yes, children will enjoy fairy tales, learn facts about dinosaurs and other subjects, and in our board books, children will practice counting and identifying colors.

Who created Nibbles?

Emma Yarlett is the highly talented author AND illustrator of all the books in the Nibbles the Book Monster series along with some other beloved books including Dragon Post, Beast Feast, and Santa Post.

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