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Kids Phonic Reader Books

Our Usborne phonics readers feature a storyline with a predictive rhyme pattern that will help build confidence for emerging readers. These books are packed with colorful illustrations and your whole family will love the silly stories and will want to collect them all!

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What's unique about an Usborne phonic reader book?

Our phonics readers contain silly rhyming stories with engaging illustrations. The text is predictable and well-suited for emerging readers, as they are great for building confidence! Some of our phonics readers come with a read along CD or a QR code where readers can scan and listen to the audio version of the story as they read along.

What types of books are there?

Where can I buy these books?

You can shop all phonic reader books here on our site.

What are some popular books titles?

Frequently asked questions

Do all of the phonics readers contain rhyming words?

Yes, all of our phonics readers have a predictable rhyming sequence in the storyline. This great feature helps emerging  readers build confidence as they read.

Do all of the phonics readers contain a read along CD?

No, however many of our phonics readers have a QR code that can be scanned and readers can listen to audio versions of the story as they follow along in the book.

Do any of these books include flaps?

Ted and Friends and Other Tales (with read along CD) is our only combined volume of phonics readers that include flaps.

What is a combined volume?

We offer combined volumes of phonics readers that contain 6 full length stories under one hardcover binding, an added informational parents' section to help support emerging readers, and comprehension puzzles for readers. These combined volumes offer our customers a significant cost savings over the individual paperback title price.

How can I save money on phonics readers?

We recommend taking advantage of the cost savings from purchasing phonics readers in combined volumes (Cow Takes a Bow, Giraffe in the Bath, Raccoon on the Moon, Unicorns in Uniforms), my first phonics reading library boxed set, or in either of our 2 phonics reader library collection (if you prefer to purchase these titles in hardcover binding).

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