5 Reasons to Host a Sqweee Party: Earn Free Usborne Books and Kane Miller

5 Reasons to Host a Sqweee Party: Earn Free Usborne Books and Kane Miller

December 12, 2021
Brittany the Book Lady

One of the best ways to score free and half-books with Usborne Books & More is by hosting a quick online book party with your friends and family! Our virtual events are fun and easy and they take place on an exciting online platform called Sqweee. Here are 5 reasons why the Sqweee platform is the best book bash experience that we can offer you and your guests:

1. There is no need to dress up or clean! 

Your virtual event will take place completely online for about 35-45 minutes! You can attend in your pajamas from your couch or your bed. We won’t see or hear you or your guests on this platform. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the book bash with your friends and family! 

2. Everything is in one place! 

You and your guests won’t need to download anything or login to the Sqweee platform at all. Everyone will RSVP to the event and attend the event at start time with just one link. While it’s best to attend live to participate in the live chatter and fun, if your guests are late or miss the live event entirely, they can tune in late or even after the event using the same link. Straggler guests who don’t RSVP beforehand can simply click the link at or after the event start time without RSVPing, as well!

3. It’s like a virtual living room! 

We will all view the event content at the same time, just as if this was a home party! Everyone will be in the same place at the same time, chatting right alongside the posts, as though we were in your living room. The party experience has a great flow and sequence for your guests to follow and your guests will enjoy the book chatter and fun posts and games that are mixed in.

4. There are no pre- or post-party posts to keep track of! 

We will open the doors about 10-15 minutes early to give everyone an opportunity to chatter and to enjoy some pre-party book trailers!  All guests who arrive on time will get an equal opportunity to win our on-time prize, too! Guests can “roll in” virtually right at the event start time and won’t miss a thing! At the end of the event, guests can hop back to any post that they may have missed or want to spend more time on at their leisure. There will be no need to tune in or keep track of your event before or after the party on the platform. Simply RSVP beforehand, enjoy the live event, and exit the platform when you are ready, equipped with your starred favorite books emailed right to you (more on that below!). There will even be a party prize for one lucky on-time guest (announced toward the end of the party), and all guests who attend and stick around until the end will get a freebie, as well!

5. Star your favorites! 

One of the best features on the Sqweee platform is the ability to mark your favorite books that are showcased in the event posts with a “star.” Sqweee captures these for you so you don’t have to remember all of the books that caught your eye for shopping time and for your host wishlist. At the end of the party, you and your guests can tap a button on the final slide to email yourself all of your favorite books that were featured in the party! This makes the shopping experience seamless for your guests. The more books that your guests star, the more they will likely purchase and/or save to earn at their event if they choose to host, as well (the more guests who decide to book an event from your book bash, the more free books you will be eligible to earn!)!

Are you ready to host your own quick and easy virtual book party on Sqweee? Contact me today and we will get you on the BOOKS!

Brittany the Book Lady

Growing up I was first introduced to Usborne Books and More at a young age when my mom had purchased books for our family. Since then, I've fallen in love with the books and the company's mission to promote literacy throughout the country.​

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