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Host an online party with Usborne Books & More. Gather your friends and family online to explore the best educational children’s books available today. Take heart knowing that you will be helping to promote literacy and getting our amazing books in the hands of the kids in your life. Earn Usborne host rewards in the form of free and half-priced books while you do it. The higher your party sales, the more you can earn (on average, a host earns around $200).

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Achieve your fundraising goals with our generous programs. Offering 50% grant matching, school and library book fairs, Cards for a Cause fundraisers and more. There is no shortage of programs available to help your organization raise money and get the most value out of your money when purchasing Usborne Books & More direct from an independent consultant. We now also offer online virtual book fairs providing yet another way to earn free books or cash for you organization while staying safe during the pandemic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Usborne Books & More?

Usborne Books & More (UBAM) is a division of Educational Development Corporation (EDC), a well-established company that  has been in existence for over 20 years. It is a direct sales company that has received numerous recognitions from Fortune  magazine for “The Best Small Companies in America” and has been included in “America’s 100 Fastest Growing Small Companies”. Usborne Books & More consists of Usborne and Kane Miller Books which are the most exciting, engaging, and educational books on the market today. The direct selling division was created on March 1, 1989, to exclusively focus on selling Usborne Books.

What does the "& More" in the name stand for?

In 2008, internationally renown children’s book publisher Kane Miller Publishing (the “& More” in Usborne Books & More) was aquired by EDC. Usborne Books & More sells their books directly to consumers through their national network of independent consultants. There are many avenues to sell Usborne Books and Kane Miller Books including home parties, online parties, book fairs, direct sales to schools and libraries, booth events, online sales, book drives, fundraising, and more... the possibilities are endless!

How are UBAM books sold?

Today, UBAM distributes through independent consultants who sell directly to the consumer via home shows, direct sales, book fairs, and web sites. Also, consultants can sell to schools and libraries when registered as an Educational Consultant.

Is Usborne Books & More a pyramid scheme?

No, it’s not a pyramid scheme. Usborne Books is a well established direct sales company that has an over 30 year history in the US. When someone joins a consultant’s team, that consultant only makes money once the new member starts selling. This incentivizes and encourages consultants to have an invested interest in the success of their team members to ensure they get the proper support and training they need.

What makes Usborne Books & More different from other direct sales companies?

  • There are no sales minimums or quotas required to remain a consultant
  • Unlimited income potential
  • No sales experience is required
  • Earning is based on the amount of effort you put in
  • Work as much as you want and take a break if you need it
  • You don’t have to buy or hold inventory
  • Every consultant at any level is eligible to earn a trip
  • High quality books are something you can feel good about selling
  • Promoting literacy changes kids’ lives
  • There are multiple fundraising and give-back programs

What makes our books better than other children's books?

  • They get kids excited to read and learn about educational topics
  • They offer books that are highly affordable given their high quality (most under $10)
  • They are engaging and keep kids’ attention and promote imagination
  • They are high-quality, well-crafted, durable books that hold up to most active kids
  • They have interactive and innovative flaps, folds, features, activities, and illustrations
  • They offer diverse storytelling of multi-cultural characters from different backgrounds, and viewpoints
  • They are illustrated by talented artists worldwide
  • They offer internet links to take kids’ learning even further
  • They have a LIFETIME replacement warranty of just 50% the original cost of the book to replace it in the rare event a book gets damaged
  • They are popular with children, parents, teachers, librarians, and gifted learning programs
  • They can offer Class A library bindings

How can I save big on Usborne Books and Kane Miller Titles?

Gain exclusive access to sales, discounts, and more! Become a VIP for FREE!

Do you offer any discounts for large orders?

Yes, please contact us for special bulk order pricing and we'll also be more than happy to provide you custom book recommendations.

Why should I buy Usborne Books and Kane Miller Books direct instead of from an online seller like Amazon or Thriftbooks?

  • You get brand new books without flaws.
  • Your books are well packed, arriving in good shape. They don't ship in cheap plastic bag mailers, or sit loose in a box lacking protection to get thrown around and bent up during transit to your doorstep. There is nothing worse than receiving a "deal" on a book you were wanting only to have it ship to your house looking worse than a used copy.
  • There are no messy barcode stickers to have to peel off your book, or sticky residue that you will have to scrape off.
  • You get an experienced consultant providing you personal recommendations for your child, given their age and interests.
  • You can contact us to receive discounts when placing large bulk orders or learn how to save big on Usborne.
  • You get Fast direct shipping within the United States of America.
  • All items in your order ship from the same location usually at the same time and arrive together so you're not waiting for part of your order.
  • All books bought directly through us come with a lifetime 50% discount if you need to replace the book at anytime for damage.
  • We provide great customer service. Contact us with questions or if you need help finding a book. We're happy to help!
  • Usborne books are not allowed to be sold on Amazon. So if you're seeing them there, they are either being sold "new" by a dishonest consultant (which can you really trust them?) or a random reseller who got a hold of a book somehow... in which case, it might ship form another country rather than from within the United States. If they are being sold in "used" condition by someone who previously purchased them, you are likely rolling the dice as to the quality of book you're going to receive for you money.
  • There is a reason Usborne Books & More has been around since 1989. We stand behind the quality of our books.
  • You support independent consultants running their own business.
  • You can join my Usborne VIP Group to get exclusive discounts and find out about the latest product drops.

Why can I only find a few Usborne Books on Amazon?

In 2009, Usborne Books & More publicly broke ties with Amazon and stopped distributing our books through Amazon and other wholesalers. You can read more below about the public breakup. This is why if you do see our books on Amazon, it’s likely a 3rd party seller selling a limited selection of books for more than the MSRP, a used book, or a UK published version of a book. You can read more about it with the links below.