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Usborne Books & More is Now PaperPie

For 35 years Usborne Books & More has made reading fun for families and now as PaperPie we'll continue that legacy providing beautifully illustrated children’s books, educational toys, and games for children to enjoy while promoting a lifetime of learning. Shop the full catalog on’s online bookstore to ensure your family or school and library always gets the best service and bulk order pricing when buying Usborne Books, Kane Miller, or SmartLab Toys.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Do I Buy Usborne Books and Kane Miller on the Online Store?

  1. Build a bag on our site.
  2. Check "tax-exempt" in the bag (if it applies).
  3. Submit your bag to be invoiced.
  4. We'll contact you for any relevant tax-exempt documents and payment options.
  5. Submit your Purchase Order or PaperPie Learning Purchase Agreement.
  6. Your order will be placed and will ship directly to you.
  7. You'll receive an invoice in roughly 2 weeks directly from EDC publishing.
  8. Pay your invoice within 30 days through check in mail or card by phone to EDC.

The Benefits of Working with

  1. Easy, hassle-free online ordering - We make it simple for you to browse and order PaperPie products.
  2. Excellent customer service - We value your business and want to be a valued partner for your organization.
  3. Personalized recommendations - We know which books and products are popular with kids.
  4. Everything you need all in one place - We offer your organization tax-exempt ordering, 50% grant-matching,  profitable fundraising, and reading programs.
  5. Experience working with large schools, libraries, non-profits, and organizations.

What happened to Usborne Books & More?

"Usborne Books & More" (UBAM) the direct sales division of Educational Development Corporation (EDC) has been renamed "PaperPie" starting in 2023 as part of a strategic rebrand. The company will continue to provide the same great service customers know and love, while expanding its product line to include SmartLab Toys along with favorites such as Usborne Books and Kane Miller Books.

How Can I Save Money on Usborne Books?

Individual Bulk Order Discount - For those individuals with GIANT wishlists, I highly recommend my individual bulk order discount opportunity. Order minimum $250 in full retail (any books!) and receive free shipping and 50% in free books! So for example, for a $250 minimum order, you’ll get $125 in free books for a total of $375 in books for just $250 plus tax! The overarching discount works out to be around 33% off and the ceiling is unlimited as long as we reach at least $250 in full retail. Other examples - Order $400 and get $600 in books; Order $300 and get $450 in books, etc.

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Book Fair Discounts for Groups - Maybe your wishlist is large, but not high enough to hit the $250 full retail order minimum on your own. This option allows you to gather a few other local families to place an order together in order to reach the $250 full retail order minimum. Each family enjoys an overarching 33% discount and free shipping. All books are delivered to one destination for distribution, so this option is best for local bulk orders. Homeschool families particularly like this option, as it can be used for their homeschool co-op or Classical Conversations communities. If you are a CC parent, definitely check out my Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Resource list to gather supplemental book match up ideas for you and your group to use for this upcoming homeschool year.

Depending on your group's needs, I can send catalogs, paper order forms, and/or set up a "browsing only" shopping link or digital "flippable catalog," and a google form for orders to be placed by the members of your group. All orders will need to be entered on my end so that I can apply discounts for your group. I'm also happy to create custom graphics and share verbiage with you to share on social media to promote your group's book fair. Payment can be collected by a point person in your group or I can handle payments. I can take payments via PayPal, credit card payments by phone, or I can send Square invoices to each member in your group who places an order.

Who was PaperPie’s grant matching program designed for?

The grant matching program was designed to allow PaperPie to partner with individuals, non-profits, businesses, schools, libraries, foundations, educational institutions, etc. to be able to make the most of any grant money or Kane Miller and Usborne Book donations they may have already received.

How does Literacy for a Lifetime’s 50% matching grants work?

Say If an organization has $2,000 in funds that it received from a grant or donation and uses it to buy PaperPie products. Then the organization qualifies to receive an additional $1,000 in free books of their choice from PaperPie’s 2000+ products! Please note that there is a $250 order minimum to qualify for this program and shipping is free and orders are eligible for tax exemption.

How can my organization qualify for 50% matching in FREE books?

  • If your organization receives a donation or grant and it uses the money to buy PaperPie products (minimum $250 order).
  • If your organization received a donation of Usborne Books or Kane Miller Books (minimum $250 donation).

Where is PaperPie's Corporate HQ located?

PaperPie formerly Usborne Books & More's Corporate Home Office is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the following address: 5402 S. 122nd East Ave. Tulsa, OK 74146.

What does the "& More" in the name stand for?

In 2008, internationally renown children’s book publisher Kane Miller Publishing (the “& More” in Usborne Books & More) was aquired by EDC. PaperPie (formerly Usborne Books & More) sells their books directly to consumers through their national network of brand partners. There are many avenues to sell Usborne Books and Kane Miller Books including home parties, online parties, book fairs, direct sales to schools and libraries, booth events, online sales, book drives, fundraising, and more.

What makes our books better than other children's books?

  • They get kids excited to read and learn about educational topics
  • They offer books that are highly affordable given their high quality (most under $10)
  • They are engaging and keep kids’ attention and promote imagination
  • They are high-quality, well-crafted, durable books that hold up to most active kids
  • They have innovative interactions (i.e. flashlight books), flaps, folds, features, activities, and illustrations
  • They offer diverse storytelling of multi-cultural characters from different backgrounds, and viewpoints
  • They are illustrated by talented artists worldwide
  • They offer internet links to take kids’ learning even further
  • They have a LIFETIME replacement warranty of just 50% the original cost of the book to replace it in the rare event a book gets damaged
  • They are popular with children, parents, gifted learning programs, teachers and librarians

Can’t I just buy Usborne books at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or a local bookstore?

Some retailers may carry a very small amount of our titles, but only a PaperPie brand partner can offer the entire 2,000+ catalog of books. Brand partners can also offer the best price on new Kane Miller titles and can offer the 50% lifetime replacement warranty on any damaged books.

Why should I buy Usborne Books and Kane Miller Books direct instead of from an online seller like Amazon or Thriftbooks?

  • You get brand new books without flaws.
  • Your books are well packed, arriving in good shape. They don't ship in cheap plastic bag mailers, or sit loose in a box lacking protection to get thrown around and bent up during transit to your doorstep. There is nothing worse than receiving a "deal" on a book you were wanting only to have it ship to your house looking worse than a used copy.
  • There are no messy barcode stickers to have to peel off your book, or sticky residue that you will have to scrape off.
  • You get an experienced brand partner providing you personal recommendations for your child, given their age and interests.
  • You can contact us to receive bulk order discounts or learn how to save big on Usborne books.
  • You get Fast direct shipping within the United States of America.
  • All items in your order ship from the same location usually at the same time and arrive together so you're not waiting for part of your order.
  • All books bought directly through us come with a lifetime 50% discount if you need to replace the book at anytime for damage.
  • We provide great customer service. Contact us with questions or if you need help finding a book. We're happy to help!
  • There is a reason PaperPie (formerly Usborne Books & More) has been around since 1989. We stand behind the quality of our books.
  • You support independent brand partners running their own business.
  • You can join my PaperPie VIP Group to get exclusive discounts and find out about the latest product drops.

Do you offer any discounts for large orders?

Yes, please contact us for special bulk order pricing and we'll also be more than happy to provide you custom book recommendations.

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Brittany Whitfield

Educational Services Rep with PaperPie formerly Usborne Books & More

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