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50% Grant Matching

receive generous 50% grant match with usborne books literacy for a lifetime grant matching program

Literacy for a Lifetime grant matching program

Grant matching can be utilized in cases where grant money is directly donated to an organization or where Usborne Books & More books have been donated to an organization through a book drive. Book drives can be had by anyone in need of Usborne Books & More’s unique children’s books.

Who was Usborne Books & More’s grant matching program designed for?

The grant matching program was designed to allow Usborne Books & More to partner with individuals, non-profits, businesses, schools, libraries, foundations, educational institutions, etc. to be able to make the most of any grant money or Kane Miller and Usborne Book donations they may have already received.

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How does Literacy for a Lifetime’s 50% matching grants work?

Say If an organization has $2,000 in funds that it received from a grant or donation and uses it to buy Usborne Books & More products. Then the organization qualifies to receive an additional $1,000 in FREE books of their choice from Usborne Books & More’s 2000+ products! Please note that there is a $250 order minimum to qualify for this program and shipping is FREE and orders are eligible for tax exemption.

How can my organization qualify for 50% matching in FREE books?

  • If your organization receives a donation or grant and it uses the money to buy Usborne Books & More products (minimum $250 order)
  • If your organization received a donation of Usborne Books & More books (minimum $250 donation)

How do I place my Literacy for a Lifetime order?

Placing your order is easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Complete the Literacy for a Lifetime Form
  2. Turn in your order form and payment (check, credit card, purchase order) with your book order to qualify for the 50% matching grant
  3. Turn in your list of books you want to purchase along with the list of books you want to receive for FREE from Usborne Books & More.
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Your organization can qualify for 50% matching in Usborne Books & More products in the following ways:

Schools & Libraries

libraries quote

What programs does Usborne Books & More offer for schools and libraries?

Usborne Books & More offers the following programs for schools and libraries:

Schools earn 50% in FREE books with book fairs

With Usborne Books & More book fairs (available in-person or online), schools earn 50% in FREE Usborne and Kane Miller books or a percentage of sales in cash (contact us for more details). An Educational Services Representative will guide you through the whole book fair process. Available options include: library binding, cataloging, and processing.

Direct ordering for schools & libraries

Order direct from Usborne’s catalog of 2,000+ products with your choice of bindings and processing.

Order direct from our online catalog

We are able to accept purchase orders when you order online. If you are a tax exempt organization, just share your paperwork (gov issued tax-exempt certificate) with us and we can easily handle things for you. View online catalog

Cards for a Cause Fundraising

usborne books cards for a cause fundraiser

The Usborne Books & More Cards for a Cause fundraiser

Cards for a Cause fundraising card boxes contain 30-50 beautifully illustrated cards with matching envelopes. Given the high cost of individual greeting cards at stores, these boxes offer a great value to customers. They also offer convenience by always having a card on hand for any occasion.

Cards for a Cause is Usborne Books & More’s highly profitable fundraising program that allows organizations or individuals to earn a high rate of return selling high quality boxes of greeting cards. The program has successfully helped many organizations raise funds for their cause.

Does your organization need a simple fundraiser?

Usborne Books & More offers an exclusive fundraising program called Cards for a Cause. This unique program allows organizations to offer high-quality boxes of greeting cards while raising funds. Not only does this provide a great value for customers, but it also gives your organization an amazing 43% return on all sales (well above the industry average) towards your organization’s goal.

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Virtual Book Fairs

usborne books hooray new childrens book titles have arrived

Why have an Usborne Books & More virtual book fair?

There are many perks to having your book fair online. The benefits include the following:

  • It’s easy to set up
  • Consultants provide digital marketing images and posters to promote your book fair
  • Customers can shop for books 24/7 online at their own convenience
  • Your school or organization gets credit for orders through the site
  • The complete Usborne Books & More library (2,000+ titles) and descriptions are online
  • All order reconciliation and payments are handled through the site
  • All orders ship automatically and will be delivered directly to customers
  • You earn 50% of the total sales in FREE Usborne and Kane Miller books ($250 min sales)
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Reach for the Stars

usborne books open a world of possibilities

What is the Reach for the Stars program?

Reach for the Stars is a reading incentive program that challenges students to read by putting educational books into their homes. It’s simple.

  1. Friends and family members pledge money to sponsor a child’s reading during the program
  2. Kids read for a designated time period and track their reading
  3. Participants turn in their pledges and reading logs
  4. Kids are eligible to earn books and prizes for their participation at the conclusion of the program
  5. Partnering organizations may be eligible to earn free books, cash, or prizes for participating (contact us for details).
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