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Usborne My First Reading Library


This comprehensive first reading library includes 50 books to guide your child through the first stages of reading and includes access to online resources. The first 22 books are taken from Usborne Very First Reading series. With these, your child takes the first steps in reading with your help, following the phonics methods used in schools. The next 12 books are taken from Usborne First Reading Level One. These delightful and very short stories are for children to try reading themselves. 16 further books are taken from Usborne First Reading Level Two. These slightly longer stories will build stamina and reading confidence. Includes QR Codes.


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The Usborne My First Reading Library is a powerful resource for helping support your child as they begin their reading journey and will help you guide them from the very first step of learning letters and their sounds to the point in which they become completely independent and fluent readers.

The set comes with a handy parent guide as well as 50 paperback books that increase in complexity and are specifically designed for you to gradually release your level of support as your child becomes increasingly independent in his or her reading ability.

Whether you are supporting a teacher who is teaching your child to read in the classroom or you are homeschooling and are solely responsible for teaching your child to read, this set is sure to be a great value to you and will undoubtedly make a positive and lasting impact on your child's reading confidence and lifelong enjoyment of reading overall.

How will the Usborne My First Reading Library support our reading journey?

The My First Reading Library includes a handy parent guide to help support you as you guide your child in their progress through the 50 books in this set. You don't have to be a teacher to understand how to use this set as the parent guide and parent snippets in each book will help you lead the way. For even more added support for you and your reader, there are also QR codes and additional internet resources included in the set, making this amazing boxed set a huge value for the cost.

You will also find that the first 8 books in the set introduce the easiest sounds in the English language and as your child progresses through the first 22 books, more sounds are introduced, building on the previous ones learned. For added practice with the easiest sounds and to help your child build a strong foundation from which to build upon, you will notice two of books 1-8 which have the exact same sounds in each.

Beyond reading the words in each book, another important piece of your child's early reading journey is developing literacy skills and reading comprehension. At the end of each book, there are literacy and comprehension puzzles, games, and activities to give them more practice with their new skills.

Supporting Your Child's Early Reading with an Emphasis on Phonics & Dual Reading

As your child gets started in this set, you will find that there is a heavy emphasis on building a strong phonics foundation for your child. There is also an added layer of support from you through the dual reading component in the first 22 books. Using the dual reading feature, you will read the words in the smaller font and your child will read the words in the larger font on each two page spread. What might otherwise be perceived as a stressful initial reading experience, your child will have your support along the way and will take comfort knowing that they will be sharing the reading parts with you, the more experienced reader. This also gives a chance for to model an example of good reading for your child along the way.

The first 22 books increase in complexity, introducing new sounds throughout and giving your child double the practice with the initial letter sounds that they learn in books 1-8. Your child will work through these initial books in order and at their own pace, as the books increase in complexity, adding new sounds to practice throughout and building on the foundational sounds that they learned. They can even read through a single book several times, gaining confidence each time, before moving onto the next book in the progression. Every book ends with an opportunity for your child to practice their new literacy and comprehension skills with a variety of engaging puzzles, games, and activities.

Level 1 Readers

After your child completes the first 22 books in this set, they will progress on to 12 level 1 readers and the dual reading component drops. This means that your child will have opportunities to try reading these books independently with your reassurance and guided support as they work through them while you are nearby. The level 1 readers can be read in any order and your child is sure to delight in the fun plots and storylines. Like the others in this series, these books have interactive literacy puzzles, games, and activities at the end to aid in your child's comprehension and to give them added practice with their new skills.

Level 2 Readers

After your child has completed the level one readers in this set, they will move onto the slightly longer and more challenging stories in the final 16 level 2 readers. These stories are meant to be read independently, can be read in any order, and the plots will draw your child in while helping them to build their confidence, stamina while reading, and oral reading fluency. These readers have fun literacy and comprehension puzzles, games, and activities at the end, as well.

How does the Usborne My First Reading Library compare to other early reading sets on the market?

As you may be able to tell from this picture, the Usborne My First Reading Library and the popular Bob books do not really compare at all.

In our opinion, and we hope that you would agree, the My First Reading Library exceeds in quality in several ways:

  • Color and engaging pictures
  • Parent support and added resources
  • Engaging and interesting plots and storylines
  • Dual reading component (this feature is missing in the Bob books)
  • Comprehension practice (literacy and comprehension puzzles and games are missing in the Bob books)

Our Personal Testimony Using the Usborne My First Reading Library

I cannot sing the praises of the Usborne My First Reading Library enough and the power it had on my daughter, my first independent reader. In our kindergarten homeschool, we took a slow and steady approach to learning to read, working first to build a strong foundation of literacy skills to build upon. Starting in our first grade year, we continued our language arts curriculum and we made a very intentional shift to using this set to support her growing reading confidence. As part of our daily language arts, she worked through these readers.

I was thankful to have an opportunity to guide and support her along the way and gradually release my level of support as she grew more confident in her ability to read the stories independently. I truly think that the dual reading component took some of the initial pressures and stress off of her early reading experiences. She knew that she was sharing the reading parts with mommy and she got frequent breaks in her reading. I take it as no surprise that her independent reading confidence and perhaps more importantly, her enjoyment of reading took off as she worked through and especially after she finished the My First Reading Library.

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