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November 24, 2023

Learn About Joining PaperPie formerly Usborne Books & More

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Open a world of possibilities with PaperPie.  Whether you are looking for an exciting career with a potential six-figure income or to add just a few hundred dollars a month to your income with only a few hours of work each week … PaperPie has an exciting opportunity for you to make a difference in children’s lives.

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November 2023 Joining Kit Specials

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New brand partners who join PaperPie can choose to activate an account for $10 +tax, or activate and account and add on a bundle of 10 best selling titles for $89 +tax. Have questions about becoming a brand partner? Check out our FAQs

Contact me with your questions about joining.

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New PaperPie Account Activation $10 (+tax)

Activation includes a $20 Book Credit, a personal website plus digital business tools for 6 months, and the ability to earn up to 25% commission immediately. Ready to join with this option? We can't wait to welcome you aboard!

Ready to become a brand partner with this kit option? Join PaperPie

PaperPie Account Activation + Add-on Bundle $89 (+tax)

Want more books with your new brand partner kit as you launch your new book business? Receive all the above benefits of the $10 PaperPie account activation, plus this add-on bundle which includes 10 best-selling titles from various series, and 5 Mini Catalogs. The add-on bundle is valued at over $130. Titles and quantities shown are subject to availability and may require substitution at any time.

Still on the fence about joining my team? Learn more about our company and all that makes us different.

Top Sellers

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All Occasion Card Box 1

Includes 30 cards for birthdays, new home, get well, weddings, etc. all housed in a beautifully designed organizer box with matching envelopes.

paperpie usborne books and more cards for a cause fundraiser program all occasion box 2 showing cards

All Occasion Card Box 2

Includes 30 cards for birthdays, new home, get well, weddings, etc. all housed in a beautifully designed organizer box with matching envelopes.

paperpie usborne books and more cards for a cause fundraiser program kids birthday box showing cards

Kids Birthday Card Box

Includes 30 Happy Birthday cards for kids of any age all housed in a beautifully designed organizer box with matching envelopes.

paperpie usborne books and more cards for a cause fundraiser program thanks and blanks box showing cards

Thanks & Blanks Card Box

Includes 30 cards total (16 blank cards and 14 Thank You cards) all housed in a beautifully designed organizer box with matching envelopes.

paperpie usborne books and more cards for a cause fundraiser program holiday card collection box showing cards

Holiday Card Collection Box

Includes 50 cards for various holidays all housed in a beautifully designed organizer box with envelopes.

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How is PaperPie Different from other Direct Sales Companies?

Earn from Day One

Did you know that PaperPie formerly Usborne Books & More brand partners earn 25% commission starting with their very first book sold online, with an opportunity to earn up to 37.5% commission on personal sales? The sky is the limit with the income you can earn too! More on that in a bit!

No Inventory Requirement

While brand partners have the option to take out inventory for events, there is no requirement for brand partners to hold inventory. Brand partners can run their business entirely online and exclusively from their e-commerce site if they choose to, with no need to order or handle books to distribute or ship them to customers.

Team building is a Choice

PaperPie brand partners are never required to "recruit" other brand partners in order to earn commission on their own sales. While it's exciting and rewarding to recruit others to come alongside us and to enjoy all of the amazing benefits that our company offers, it is possible to earn commission on our own sales without relying on others. Team PaperPie takes pride in helping families discover our high quality books and compensating brand partners for their hard work and talents sharing our extensive product line and business opportunity.

No Requirements

PaperPie is unique in the direct sales industry in that there are no monthly requirements, minimums, or sales quotas for brand partners to meet. This business is truly flexible and completely no-risk! Brand partners do not have to spend money in order to make money. When brand partners promote to the leader level, there are minimum requirements in order to maintain leader status to ensure that leaders are supporting their teams.

The Sky is the Limit

There is absolutely no ceiling or cap to what you can accomplish or the income that you can earn with PaperPie formerly Usborne Books & More. It's also important to note that brand partners will always make more income on their personal sales than their upline will make on their sales. With this in mind, a brand partner has the ability to earn more than their leader! The beauty of this business is that it's about working on a team, supporting others, collaboration, and helping our teammates find their passions by utilizing their unique talents and honing their strengths.

High-Quality Products

Our goal with team PaperPie is to get as many high-quality books and products into the hands of families, nationwide. Our books are affordable, unique, and second to none. Our host rewards program and our school and library programs are all extremely generous and help us to accomplish this goal! We love our mission and can stand behind its purpose. We are making a positive impact on our children's future and families through our important mission!

Brand Partner Training & Support

PaperPie home office offers company-wide training and resources in the brand partner back office and through in-person and virtual events. Exclusive team training and resources are also offered in order to support brand partners at all stages of their PaperPie journey so brand partners can scale their businesses to whatever level they choose.

Exclusive to Brand Partners

While a limited selection of Usborne and Kane Miller titles are available in book stores and gift shops, it is only through a brand partner that the general public will have access to the full range of titles offered in our complete PaperPie collection.


PaperPie formerly Usborne Books & More operates under the parent company known as Educational Development Corporation. EDC is a publicly traded company under the ticker symbol EDUC. Because of this, EDC is subject to all auditing, regulations, and you will find that financial data is available to the public.

Earn from Sales, Not "Recruiting"

Did you know that PaperPie formerly Usborne Books & More is a member of the Direct Selling Association? According to the DSA, "MLMs are legitimate businesses, and members are carefully screened by the organization to ensure that they are not pyramid schemes and don't use deceptive practices. The Federal Trade Commission agrees there are legitimate MLMs." According to, "The vast majority of pyramid schemes rely on profiting from recruitment fees, and seldom involve the sale of actual goods or services with intrinsic value." No one in our company earns a profit in any way from the purchase of a PaperPie starter kit or signing up as a brand partner.

Earned Incentive Trips

In my 6 years with PaperPie formerly Usborne Books & More, I have earned 5 trips - Punta Cana, Alaskan Cruise, Hawaii X 2 (Covid shut down our first opportunity to go and so I earned a super generous cash & prize package the second year), and Atlantis, Bahamas! While my family chose to skip the Punta Cana trip and took the cash option to help pay for some home renovation projects, my husband and I went on the Alaskan Cruise just the two of us and it sold us on working to earn every single trip, thereafter. Both our Alaskan Cruise and our Hawaii trips have been trips of a lifetime and we cannot wait to take our children on future PaperPie trips!

To make things even better, Home Office also typically awards us with travel and/or resort credits and often bonus cash to help pay for everything associated with our travel expenses, meals, excursions, and more. Accommodations are always swanky (think balcony views!) and they usually pull out some company sponsored gathering opportunities while on the trip as well to help PaperPie families mingle and make new lifelong friends. I'm especially excited for my kids to meet other PaperPie kids on our upcoming trip! It's been fun having the chance for spouses to meet during PaperPie trips, too! We have fun planning excursions with other families! 

If you are seriously considering joining PaperPie, I invite you to check out details about our current new brand partner kits! Both of our kit options include preselected books, business supplies like catalogs, and a free book credit to use on books of your choice! If you are on the fence about joining, I encourage you to take a look at some of our Join PaperPie FAQs. Still have questions or concerns? Reach out and I'd love to chat with via email or a quick phone call to help you to decide if this opportunity is the right fit for you with no pressure. If you're ready to join now, I can't wait to welcome you aboard! 

Ready to Join our Team?

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Log into Your PaperPie formerly UBAM Back Office

Are you a new brand partner just getting started with your PaperPie business? You can login to you PaperPie Back Office using the Official Back Office Login page to get started. From there you can place host orders, redeem host rewards, check the out of stock list, find training, keep track of your sales, see how you rank within the company, and get support from Home Office and more.

Ready to get started?
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I've joined PaperPie for the Discount! Now what?

Welcome aboard! No matter your reason for joining, we are so glad that you are here and we are excited to support you on whatever you hope to gain from this opportunity!

So you're probably thinking to yourself...I've joined PaperPie! Now what?? I'm here to share 7 tips that I have to help you MAXIMIZE your new brand partner perks and discounts!

paperpie storystart join incentives

Tip 1 - Set up direct deposit

In order for you to earn 25% back in commission on your own purchases (placed either online or in the back office), it will be important for you to set up your direct deposit right away (we get paid weekly on Wednesdays) to either a checking or savings account. To do this, you will log in to back office, tap business sites on the bottom of the sidebar menu, and then tap update direct deposit. Directions to login to your back office for the first time was sent in your welcome email from corporate home office.

Tip 2 - Set up an event link

With the purchase of your new brand partner kit, you will have access to our website package, which includes our e-commerce site and back office websites for 6 months (after 6 months, the site is $8/month and if it expires, you can renew at any time with no penalty). I encourage all of my new brand partners (from the hobbyists, to those who join to earn income, and everyone in between) to set up a shopping link that can stay active for up to 6 months. I personally always have an event link set up for people to shop in between my own personal events. To set up an event link, visit your e-commerce website using the link and instructions from your welcome email, and login. Once logged in (your name will appear next to "my consultant" on the top), tap "my account" and you will see that admin functions will pop up. Tap "add event" and then leave start date as it defaults, add 6 months to the end date, and fill in first and last name, and tap save. The next screen will display your new link for shopping and sharing. Note that there are digits at the end of this link.

What you do with the event link will be up to you and you have many options (I'll share more about those in the next few tips!). The event link allows you to earn free and half priced books on purchases made on the link. If this link reaches $250 within your first 8 weeks/incentive period, you can even close this out for double free books! If the event link reaches $100, you are eligible to earn free and half priced books with our base level rewards. Be sure to make a note and or set a calendar reminder about this date so you are sure to close out before then and avoid missing out! After your first 8 weeks, you will default to using the monthly host rewards chart (changes on the 1st of every month) or the base level chart that begins at $100 in full retail (subtotal) sales. See charts below! When you are ready to close out your event link, I have a step-by-step video tutorial to help you with this! Where applicable, don't forget to add the free book credit that came with your new brand partner kit to your first host rewards order that you close out to save yourself some shipping!

Tip 3 - Explore bulk ordering to maximize your discounts

While you do have the option to order on an event link (and share it with others!) that you set up for yourself for up to 6 months and accrue free and half priced books for yourself based on the event link sales, you also have the option to take advantage of bulk ordering! If you plan to place an order of over $100 in full retail books, you could submit this order as a party for yourself straight in back office and close it out and redeem for free and half priced books all at once. You will receive 25% commission back on the amount that you put in full retail! If you choose to place a bulk order first, be sure to attach your free book credit that came with your new brand partner kit to this first order in step 3 when you close it out!

If you already plan on ordering at least $250 in full retail books, another option you can consider is entering your order as a book fair! When doing this, you will get free shipping and 50% back in free books (you will be responsible for paying a $5 book fair fee in lieu of shipping) with no limits! So for $250+ tax and a $5 book fair fee, you will be able to choose $375 minimum in books! It's a pretty great deal! You will receive 17% commission back on the amount that you put in full retail on book fair orders.

Tip 4 - Share your event link

Again, you have options on how to share the link that you set up! This could be as simple as texting, emailing, or sending a dm with this link to friends and family to encourage them to check out the books and shop with you! You could even share this link on social media or include the link as part of your Facebook profile or Instagram bio. I'm willing to bet that your friends would love the books as much as you do and would be thrilled to have the opportunity to shop with you!

Tip 5 - Host your own exposure event

No matter what you choose to do with this opportunity with PaperPie, I encourage you to set up an exposure event of some kind. This can take many forms! You can host an exposure event virtually or in-person! There are many formats through which you can host an event these days - I prefer to host my virtual events on Sqweee (a platform) and I would love to help you host your first event there! Some brand partners choose to host their events on Facebook and I have resources to share with you to do this, too! Some think even further outside the box and have hosted text or Facebook messenger parties, Zoom events, social media LIVE videos, email parties, catalog events, or set up a landing page or drop-in style event with resources, book videos, and raising reader tips for friends and family to stop by and check out on their own time. You are not limited to these options! The possibilities are endless and we love all of the creative ways that brand partners are sharing books these days!

paperpie double host rewards

The reason I recommend hosting some kind of exposure event is so that you can casually get your name out there as someone who your friends and family can order books through, at least for the next 6 months! Why not earn 25% commission on your friends' purchases as well as free and half priced books for yourself, while you can?? If your friends decide they would like to host their own events after you've shared, you could partner with them to host events (with my help, if needed!) and you can earn commission on these OR I'm happy to be a point person who can help them host their own events.

Tip 6 - Learn about our new brand partner perks

New brand partners each get an 8 week incentive period (CLIMB) and can earn free book credits to use on books of your choice, company branded swag, and even cash bonuses based on your sales and recruiting during this limited time period! If you already plan to shop and share your link, it would be worth it to peek at the CLIMB incentives and set a goal for yourself that you'd like to reach within your first 8 weeks!

paperpie storystart incentive levels

Tip 7 - Learn more about what's possible!

Who knows - after you host an exposure event for yourself, you may be surprised by how fun, easy, and flexible it is to run a business with PaperPie on your own time, in the hours you set for yourself, or at any level that you wish! You may even find that a handful of friends are interested in hosting events with you! At this point, I encourage you to learn more about what's possible with PaperPie! Did you know that we are about more than just hosting book parties? We also have the ability to partner with schools, libraries, and organizations on a variety of programs, such as greeting card fundraisers, in-person and virtual book fairs, reading programs, book drives, and more? If you really find yourself enjoying this business, you can even give yourself a raise by promoting yourself to team leader with my support! I'm happy to chat about joining and answer questions about the team leader requirements at any time!

paperpie brand partner earning levels

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much money can I make and rewards can I earn when I sell PaperPie books?

There is no limit to what you can earn when it comes to selling Usborne Books and Kane Miller Books. As a brand partner, you will earn 25% sales commission based on your total sales volume from your book party and e-commerce sales. You also have opportunities to earn commission by selling our products through book fairs, book drives, fundraising, and our pledge-based reading program (commission percentages vary, depending on the program). Maximize your income potential by promoting to Team Leader and earn even higher commission percentages. With one of the most attractive and generous compensation plans in direct sales, you’ll find your business efforts can be greatly rewarded, all while promoting literacy in your community.

Where have past earned incentive trips been?

Here are some of the amazing trips that PaperPie brand partners have taken:

  • Rome, Italy 2023 🇮🇹
  • Atlantis Resort, Bahamas 2022 🏖
  • Hawaii 2021🏄‍♀️
  • Hawaii 2020 (cancelled due to covid)
  • Alaskan Cruise 2019 🚢
  • Punta Cana 2018
  • Disney World 2017
  • Caribbean Cruise 2016
  • Ireland 2015
  • Atlantis, the Bahamas 2014
  • Mediterranean Cruise 2013
  • Canada 2012
  • Aruba 2011
  • Hawaiian Cruise 2010
  • London-Edinburgh 2010
  • Rome 2009
  • Rui Palace in Cabo San Lucas
  • Alaskan Cruise 2008
  • Rui Palace in the Dominican Republic
  • Paris 2007
  • Punta Cana 2007
  • Alaskan Cruise 2006
  • Las Vegas/Nevada Spa Resort
  • Hawaii 2005
  • Mayan Riviera 2004
  • Mexican Pacific Cruise
  • The Bahamas
  • Costa Rica
  • London, England 2000
  • Alaskan Cruise 1999
  • Hawaii
  • Mayan Riviera
  • Disney World
  • Acapulco
  • Cruise to Cozumel & Key West 1995
  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  • Cancun, Mexico
  • Playa del Carmen, Mexico
  • Bahamas cruise
  • Mexican Riviera cruise

Do you have to work your PaperPie business a set number of hours?

Being a PaperPie brand partner allows you the freedom to work as much or as little as you want, truly letting you work your business around your life and what matters most to you. The amount of effort you put into your business will determine your income potential, and the sky is the limit!  You will not be pressured to work set times, minimum hours, or maintain minimum sales numbers. This business is truly flexible and what you make of it.

How can I log into my PaperPie formerly Usborne Books & More Back Office?

You can login to your Back Office using the PaperPie formerly UBAM Back Office Login page. Once logged in, you can place orders, redeem host rewards, check inventory, review training and your monthly sales. Along with this you can reach out to PaperPie Home Office for support and with any questions.

How can I get Double FREE books?

When you first become a brand partner, you can offer party hosts DOUBLE FREE books for qualifying parties within your first 8 weeks. This provides a great incentive for party hosts (at no cost to you) that lets you easily fill up your book party calendar. In order to take advantage of these extra host reward programs, be sure to book your parties right away when starting as a new PaperPie brand partner!

Does PaperPie have any incentives for new brand partners when you join?

Yes, we do! PaperPie's incentive program for new brand partners is called CLIMB (Consultants Learning to Ignite and Maximize their Business). The program is designed to motivate new brand partners and encourage their early accomplishments with rewards to that include business building tools designed to ensure the success of their growing business. To help you achieve success, during your first 8 weeks you’re able to earn cash, prizes, and free books!

Can selling PaperPie children’s books work in my area?

While every area is different, usually when money gets tight most people cut spending on luxury items, but not their child’s education. Brand partners additionally have the ability to offer families FREE books and great discounts on books which can help any family.

Do PaperPie brand partners get a discount?

You will receive a discount whenever you buy Usborne Books & Kane Miller Books to use for business samples or for your family’s personal use.

What is an example of how PaperPie commissions work?

$1200 in online book party sales earns you...$300 base commission + $48 sales bonus = $348 total sales commission

What incentives can I earn selling PaperPie?

There are many incentives to selling Usborne Books and Kane Miller Books, including:

  • Monthly challenges for meeting sales goals with PaperPie branded prizes and books
  • Monthly challenges for meeting recruiting goals with PaperPie branded prizes and books
  • Annual incentive trips that can be earned for you (and your family). Incentive trips can be earned by any PaperPie brand partner, not just those at the top of the company. In fact, a large percentage of first year brand partners earn incentive trips.
  • Brand partners can earn large prizes like iPads, Apple watches, Yeti Cooler, AirPods, and more!
  • Promote literacy
  • Help your favorite charities, non-profits, and help organizations raise money with fundraisers
  • Donate books to children’s hospitals, your church, or other great causes

What are PaperPie brand partner sales commissions?

*Commission percentages can vary depending on the order and discounts or free books being offered. Brand partners must be a trained “Educational Services Representative” in order to work with private and public schools and libraries.

I don’t have experience doing sales. Can I sell PaperPie Books?

Of course you can! Most people that join PaperPie as a brand partner have very little if any past sales experience starting out and don’t consider themselves “sales people”. It’s possible to be successful by simply sharing your love of Usborne Books and Kane Miller Books with your customers and providing them with book recommendations based off of their family’s interests.

Are there sales minimums or monthly quotas when selling PaperPie books?

No, that’s the best part. Unlike other companies, PaperPie requires no sales minimums (annual or monthly) from their brand partners. You will always earn commission on any sized order.

Is training available for new PaperPie brand partners?

When you sell PaperPie, you’re not alone! We offer a large variety of training opportunities to fit everyone’s busy schedule and learning style. No matter what else you have going on in your life, there is something that can work for you. Your back office and team training website is packed with great information for you to use including a New Brand Partner’s Guide to help you get started and up to speed on things. In addition to the training available to everyone, you will receive exclusive proven insights and tips from your immediate team leader on what works and what doesn’t.

Can team leaders earn an extra 8.5% bonus on personal sales?

As you grow your business, you can build out your own team of brand partners. When you promote to Team Leader status, you earn an extra 8.5% bonus on your own monthly party and web sales. It’s a nice pay raise and an incentive to grow your business and build up a strong team!

Can I sell books to schools and libraries?

Yes! Once you’re a brand partner, you can apply to be an Educational Services Representative. After you have been approved and hold the certification, you can work with schools and libraries near you that haven’t been listed (claimed) by another Educational Services Representative. Note: you can work with preschools and daycares without having an Educational Services Representative certification.

How does a typical PaperPie book party work?

For a typical party, hosts invite friends and family to their home (in-person parties) or online parties (Sqweee, Facebook, Zoom, etc.). Brand partners tell guests what they love about Usborne Books, what makes them unique, their favorite books, and explains how customers can save money on books. Brand partners earn 25% total sales commission, hosts earn FREE books, and friends and family get introduced to great books for the kids in their lives.

How Can I Start Selling Usborne Books and Kane Miller Books?

Most people get started with PaperPie by hosting a book party. Once they realize how much fun they had partying and see the opportunity it creates for them, they then explore the idea of becoming a brand partner.

What if I just want to buy books for my family at a discount, but don’t want to sell that much?

Brand partners are able to buy a kit for the purpose of building their family’s personal library. With no sales minimums, PaperPie brand partners can buy discounted books just for themselves or host an occasional party to earn FREE and half-priced books. Some brand partners like to have a couple of books on hand for their kids, while others build  huge personal libraries. Some brand partners even homeschool their children with the books in their personal libraries.

What are the startup costs associated with my new business?

All you need to start is to choose one of our 2 new affordable brand partner kit options. We now offer a full-size kit and a mini-kit.

Do I need to hold an inventory of books?

No, it’s not necessary for you to hold any inventory. All orders can be placed with the PaperPie home office through your e-commerce site and shipped directly to customers’ homes, businesses, schools, or libraries from our Tulsa, Oklahoma warehouse. This allows you to never worry about being stuck with unsold books that you’ve sunk your own money into.

Do you earn a commission on every book sold?

Selling Usborne Books and Kane Miller Books as a PaperPie brand partner allows you to earn a commission on each book you sell in-person, at a home party, or online.

Do I need a specific skill set to sell PaperPie?

PaperPie brand partners come from all walks of life including:

  • College students
  • Single parents
  • Homeschool moms
  • Moms of young children
  • Dads of young children
  • Teachers
  • Grandparents and retirees
  • Book lovers
  • Women and men who have full-time jobs

What are the benefits of being a PaperPie brand partner?

  • Potential to work from home
  • Extra income for you and your family
  • Unlimited earning potential (six figures isn’t unheard of)
  • Build a home library for your family
  • Be an advocate for children and promote literacy
  • Meet other book lovers and lifelong friends
  • Earn free AWESOME vacations for you and your family

How does selling Usborne Books and Kane Miller Books work?

With PaperPie you are a brand partner selling Usborne and Kane Miller books for a direct sales company. Home and online parties are the primary options for selling PaperPie Books. Our company offers special incentives and host rewards for party hosts including free and discounted books. When you join, you’ll receive exclusive training and help getting started with your business.

How much time do I need to commit to selling?

There is no set amount of time that you have to work your PaperPie business. That being said, your efforts will directly align with what you earn. You may work as much or as little as you like. Most home and Facebook parties roughly last a couple of hours, including prep and ordering time. You get to customize your business and work it around your everyday schedule so that it works for you and your family.

I’m ready to join now! How can I get started?

You see the great opportunity PaperPie is offering you and your family and want to get started. Click here to join now!

Do I need to do parties?

No, you don’t have to do parties. Parties are just one of many ways you can work your business. Keep in mind that since it is YOUR business, you’re your own boss and you can work as much or as little as you choose while working around your life. Other avenues to work your business include the following programs: fundraisers, school sales, library sales, non-profit sales, book fairs, booth events, and more.

What are some ways that I can market and sell books?

Can I earn an extra 4% sales bonus?

For home party sales, internet sales, shool and library direct sales that hit at least $1000 total sales in a period of a calendar month, an additional 4% sales bonus is earned.

*Some programs such as book fairs, Reach for The Stars, and Literacy for a Lifetime aren’t eligible for the additional sales bonus due to the amount of free books given to customers.

How can I earn even more money with my business?

There are many ways to earn even more including:

  • Earn an extra 4% personal sales bonus when your party and e-commerce orders are over $1,000
  • As a Team Leader you can earn an extra 8.5% on your personal party and e-commerce sales
  • As a Team Leader you can earn an extra 8.5% on your team’s party and e-commerce sales

Can team leaders earn an extra 8.5% bonus on team sales?

Additionally as a team leader, you earn 8.5% bonus monthly on your team’s monthly party and web sales.

Once I join, how do I get paid my commission for selling?

Each month, commission checks are mailed out. If you prefer not to deal with the hassle of paper checks, you can easily setup direct deposit and have your commission paid directly to your bank account every Wednesday.

Brittany the Book Lady

I was first introduced to PaperPie (formerly Usborne Books and More) at a young age when my mom had purchased books for our family. I fell in love with the books and the company's mission to promote literacy throughout the country.​ These days I'm a stay at home mother of 2 with my own business doing what I love, while getting to spend precious time with my family. It's only been a few years in, and already I've been consistently recognized as one of PaperPie's top team leaders continuously achieving explosive team growth, helping others start their own business and achieve their dreams.

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