The Shield of Kuromori - Chapter Book 2


Ancient monsters bite off more than they can chew in thisaction-packed fantasy-adventure trilogy set in modern-day Japan.Science meets myth when ogres armed with high-tech weaponrysteal a huge telescope as part of an insane plan to cast the world intopermanent darkness. With global catastrophe looming, Kenny and Kiyomi take thefight to the enemy, even though it means going out of this world. But all isnot well between the friends. Kiyomi's behavior is growing increasingly erraticand it soon becomes clear that her life - and her humanity - are in danger.Kenny is faced with an impossible choice - does he save his friend or fulfilhis duty?Series: Kuromori ChroniclesAncient monsters bite off more than they can chew in this actionpacked fantasy-adventure trilogy set in modern-day Japan.

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