The Impossible Quest The Beast of Blackmoor Bog - Chapter Book 3


Four unlikely heroes, four mysterious gifts, four impossibleelements, five thrilling books.Four unlikely heroes are forced on a perilous quest to savetheir people. But first, Tom, Elanor, Sebastian and Quinn must escape theoverrun castle. Only they can find the four impossible elements needed to wakethe sleeping warriors of the legend. Only they can drive back the darkness thatreigns over the land.The dragons are longgone ... this beast is something else. Something huge andblack and hairy.After escaping the bog-men in the wilds of theWitchwood, Sebastian, Quinn, Elanor and Tom journey south on their impossiblequest. Sebastian and Elanor seek help from Crowthorne Castle, but both alliesand enemies will reveal themselves. Tom and Quinn venture into the mysteriousmoors ... where a hideous beast lies in waiting.Series: The Impossible QuestFour unlikely heroes, four mysterious gifts, four impossible elements, five thrilling books.

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