Cards For A Cause™ Fundraiser

What is Cards for a Cause?

Our Cards for a Cause fundraiser is both simple and practical! Your organization can earn up to 43% profit from the sale of our 5 high-quality card box options, each contains beautifully handcrafted greeting cards. Each box is just $30 and contains at least 30 cards with matching envelopes! What a great value!

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What types of card boxes are there?

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paperpie usborne books and more cards for a cause fundraiser program all occasion box 1 showing cards

All Occasion Card Box 1

Includes 30 cards for birthdays, new home, get well, weddings, etc. all housed in a beautifully designed organizer box with matching envelopes.

paperpie usborne books and more cards for a cause fundraiser program all occasion box 2 showing cards

All Occasion Card Box 2

Includes 30 cards for birthdays, new home, get well, weddings, etc. all housed in a beautifully designed organizer box with matching envelopes.

paperpie usborne books and more cards for a cause fundraiser program kids birthday box showing cards

Kids Birthday Card Box

Includes 30 Happy Birthday cards for kids of any age all housed in a beautifully designed organizer box with matching envelopes.

paperpie usborne books and more cards for a cause fundraiser program thanks and blanks box showing cards

Thanks & Blanks Card Box

Includes 30 cards total (16 blank cards and 14 Thank You cards) all housed in a beautifully designed organizer box with matching envelopes.

paperpie usborne books and more cards for a cause fundraiser program holiday card collection box showing cards

Holiday Card Collection Box

Includes 50 cards for various holidays all housed in a beautifully designed organizer box with envelopes.

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5 Reasons to Host a Cards for a Cause Fundraiser

We know that you have many choices when it comes to picking a fundraiser for your individual or organization's needs! Not all fundraisers are created equal! Some are more work than they are worth and a headache to run. We would love to share more information about our amazing Cards for a Cause fundraiser offered through PaperPie. Our partners have given rave reviews about ease, quality, and more and many are already planning to partner with us again in the future! We hope you'll partner with us, too! Read on to hear 5 reasons why we think you will love our unique fundraiser!

1. Easy to Run

This fundraiser is so easy to run! After a short phone call to learn about your/your organization’s needs, and after a bit of email correspondence to get you the digital and/or printable materials you will need, you/your group can be up and running with this fundraiser in less than 24 hours.

What’s great is we only offer 5 products through this fundraiser, so your group can provide me with a simple tally at the conclusion of the fundraiser so that I can prepare your order. This makes tracking orders super simple for you and any members in your group who may be collecting orders. At the end of your fundraiser, all of the boxes are shipped to one location for distribution! Your members will appreciate that there is no cookie dough or pizzas to refrigerate or chocolate to keep from melting before your members can distribute the products to customers.

The overwhelming feedback that I’ve gotten from past organizations that I’ve partnered with is that this is one of the easiest fundraisers that they have ever conducted. Many organizations even go as far as to set up annual or biannual Cards for a Cause fundraisers with me for simplicity’s sake and because their members have been so impressed with our products!

2. Great for Individuals and Groups of All Sizes

I have worked with individuals and many different types of groups and organizations. It is super easy for small groups and even individuals to reach our low 15 box order minimum and take advantage of our high profit fundraiser. We can run this fundraiser on a small scale with a low monetary fundraising goal or we can run it on a large scale with a significant monetary fundraising goal. More on how I customize your experience in the next bullet point!

3. Flexible & Customizable

While we can set up your fundraiser solely via email correspondence, I highly recommend that you setup a brief call with me so that we can chat about your organization’s needs. This allows me to custom tailor your fundraising experience while partnering with me. I’ve worked with dance teams, clubs, individuals, boy scout troops, foundations, church groups, preschools, elementary schools, and more. Each organization has unique needs and goals and it’s my aim to provide you with the best materials to suit your organization’s needs and promote your fundraiser in the way that you think would work best to reach your stakeholders. This could include digital and/or paper order forms, online promotion “events,” digital methods of payment collection, additional fliers, email or social media graphics for marketing, and more.

4. High Profit

Your organization will receive $13 per card box sold and if your organization is tax exempt, you will not need to charge customers tax on their boxes and no tax will need to come out of the raised funds. If your organization is tax exempt, you will simply need to provide me with a copy of your state’s sales tax exempt form and I will submit that with your order.

If your organization is not tax exempt, that is no problem! You can choose to either charge your local tax on the $17 per box that we will submit per box sold OR you can choose to take the tax out of the raised funds.

"Receive Up To A 43% Return On This Fundraiser"

Overall, your organization can receive up to a 43% return on this fundraiser, which is amazing for the fundraising industry!

5. Affordable & Practical Product

You will be blown away by the quality and practicality of our beautiful hand-embellished greeting cards! We get compliments on our cards all of the time and we stand behind these products! Your customers will appreciate the convenience of having a stunning box of stationary at their disposal to meet all of their card-giving needs!

We offer 5 card box options including 2 different all occasion boxes, 1 thanks and blanks box, 1 kids birthday box, and 1 unique holiday box that features holiday cards for the whole year. (Please note that box designs and their contents are subject to availability and may change during your fundraiser, however we ALWAYS offer the same 5 box types. If a box design should change during your fundraiser, it will be replaced with the same box *type*, containing cards that are of the same quality.)

At $30 a box, your customers will receive 30 individually wrapped cards with matching envelopes and our holiday box actually includes 50 (unwrapped) cards. The boxes are sturdy and can be repurposed for other uses later, too! Most boxes include handy tabs which make it easy to grab a card for any occasion and go! At $1 or less per card that you could easily spend $4-$5 at your local convenience store for similar quality, you truly can’t beat our price!

For more information about our wonderful fundraiser, read our Cards for a Cause FAQs!

Are you interested in other give back ideas? Be sure to check out our blog post on Making a Difference with PaperPie's Generous Give-Back Programs!

Are you ready to set up your Cards for a Cause fundraiser? Let's connect! Contact us today! We'd love to partner with you!

Fundraiser Testimonials

"We run the Mentor Club in our very large high school. We were looking for a fundraiser that would sell easily and give us a way to raise needed funds. Believe it or not, that is not so easy to find. Brittany was easy to work with every step of the way: quick responses to emails, along with clear and concise directions. The boxes themselves are beautiful and were here within 10 days of our order. Our students and their “customers” are thrilled. We, as advisors, couldn’t be happier. We will be back – every year!"

        - Dorie, High School Mentor Club

"Brittany is a pleasure to work with and responds quickly!  Our Cards for a Cause fundraiser is very popular with our parents.  Brittany makes it so easy!  Highly recommended"

        - Julie, Early Childhood Program

"My daughter's gymnastics team used Cards for a Cause as a fundraiser this year.  This was our first time working with Brittany and her team and we were very happy with how smoothly everything went.  Brittany was so easy to work with, the cards arrived so quickly and we were very satisfied with the card designs and quality.  We will definitely use Cards for a Cause again!"

        - Michelle, Gymnastics Team

"With so many choices of beautifully embellished card boxes, our families loved this fundraiser! The quick shipping was an extra bonus!"

        - Liz, Early Education Center

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can my organization use our tax exemption status for this fundraiser?

Yes, we can apply your organization's state sales tax exemption status to the fundraiser to avoid needing to pull taxes out of your raised funds. Your organization will need to provide a state sales tax exemption letter. It is also required that the card box order is shipped to an address associated with your state sales tax exemption and paid for out of an account associated with your group's state sales tax exemption.

When applying tax exemption to Cards for a Cause orders, we operate under the assumption that your group is familiar with your state's sales tax laws related to using your state sales tax exemption appropriately. In the event that there is an audit and your group is found to be using your state sales tax exemption incorrectly and tax is owed, your group assumes all responsibility for paying the sales tax.

My organization has a large fundraising goal. Can Cards for a Cause Fundraiser work for us?

Cards for a Cause is all about setting a fundraising goal for your organization (no matter how big) and letting us show you the best way to go about achieving your goal.

How does my organization get our profit return?

This will depend on how we set up our fundraiser. If you collect funds for all boxes sold, you will keep $13 per box sold (minus any applicable tax). If funds for all orders are turned in to me, then you will receive a check for your profits after the conclusion of our fundraiser.

What materials does PaperPie Provide?

Your PaperPie brand partner provides you with a wealth of digital materials that you can pick and choose from to best promote your organization's fundraiser including printable spreadsheet order forms and flyers, graphics that can be used in email and on social media, sample email campaign verbiage that can be adapted for your group's needs, and a video that shows an example of the card box contents and quality. We can also provide a customizable online ordering method, if requested. Need any other materials? Just ask and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Do we have to sell a lot of boxes?

No, the minimum amount of boxes you need to sell is an easily attainable 15 boxes of cards. This allows you to qualify for the program’s full benefits including $13 profit per box sold and free shipping to one location for distribution.

How much can my organization make with Cards for a Cause fundraising?

There is no maximum amount that you can earn. Your organization will earn $13 per $30 box of cards sold (minus taxes, if not tax exempt and if taxes are not collected from customers at the time of the sale) once your group reaches/exceeds a 15 box order minimum.

Are there any incentives for those selling the card boxes?

While we do not offer incentives, we have a long list of cheap or free incentive ideas geared toward school-aged children that you can use to motivate members/families to sell card boxes to benefit your organization.

How long does the fundraiser usually last?

While there is no set time a fundraiser must stay open, we’ve found that keeping it open for 2 - 4 weeks has generally worked best. During that timeframe, you can expect the following to happen:

  1. You collect orders and payment for card boxes
  2. Your brand partner orders the card boxes
  3. Orders are fullfilled and delivered to the organization (allow at least 2 weeks for delivery)
  4. Your organization distributes the card boxes to those who ordered them
  5. Your organization receives their earned funds to put towards their cause

What types of organizations can use Cards for a Cause for fundraising?

  • Schools
  • Preschools
  • Dance teams
  • Cheer teams
  • Gymnastics teams
  • Karate teams
  • Martial arts teams
  • Sports teams
  • Football teams
  • Lifting teams
  • Ice Hockey teams
  • Figure Skating teams
  • Baseball teams
  • Basketball teams
  • Wrestling teams
  • Cross Country teams
  • Track & Field teams
  • Swimming teams
  • Tennis teams
  • Volleyball teams
  • Pickleball teams
  • Ping pong teams
  • Lacrosse teams
  • Soccer teams
  • Golf teams
  • Horseback riding clubs
  • Music boosters
  • Non-profits
  • Families' Adoption
  • Families' Medical expenses
  • Families' Natural disaster relief
  • Daycares
  • Medical expenses
  • Mission trips
  • Clubs
  • Women's clubs
  • Men's clubs
  • Boy's clubs
  • Girl's clubs
  • Boy Scout troops
  • Girl Scout troops
  • Chess club
  • Marching Bands
  • Band & Orchestra
  • PTA and PTO groups
  • 4H
  • FFA
  • National Honor Society
  • Chorus
  • Church Choirs
  • Religious Groups
  • Youth Groups
  • Hospital groups
  • Breast cancer awareness groups
  • Relay for Life run
  • Animal shelters
  • Field trips
  • Homeschool Co-ops
  • Classroom trips
  • Robotics clubs
  • Math clubs
  • Science clubs
  • Sororities
  • Fraternities
  • MOPS group
  • Running clubs
  • Theatre groups

Does my organization need to charge tax?

If your organization is not tax-exempt, taxes will be deducted from the total funds raised or you have the option to charge tax to those who order cards. If you have a tax exempt number for your organization, just provide it to your brand partner with the related documentation.

Why should you do a Cards for a Cause Fundraiser?

  • It’s easy to set up and you can start today
  • The quality and value of the cards can’t be beat at $1 per card
  • It’s versatile and can be used by schools, sports teams, churches, youth groups, extra-curricular activities,  scouts, camps, non-profits, etc. to reach any fundraising goal!
  • It’s practical and appeals to a wide audience because of its value
  • There is unlimited earning potential to meet or exceed your organization’s fundraising goal
  • It’s exclusive to PaperPie
  • Our brand partners offer you personalized service guiding you through the whole process

What's unique about this fundraiser?

Our fundraiser is simple, practical, and easy to run. The organizations, families, and individuals that we work with can earn up to 43% profit return. We walk our partners through the process every step of the way in running this easy fundraiser, and can provide graphics, marketing materials, flyers, order forms, and more.

How can I setup this fundraiser?

You can contact me to setup Cards for a Cause here on our site.

What is an example of Cards for a Cause fundraising earnings?

Your organization earns $13 (if tax exempt) per box of cards sold. In this example, if there are 20 participants selling card boxes:

  • Each person sold 30 boxes: total of 600 boxes sold = $7,800 earned
  • Each person sold 25 boxes: total of 500 boxes sold = $6,500 earned
  • Each person sold 20 boxes: total of 400 boxes sold = $5,200 earned
  • Each person sold 15 boxes: total of 300 boxes sold = $3,900 earned
  • Each person sold 10 boxes: total of 200 boxes sold = $2,600 earned
  • Each person sold 5 boxes:   total of 100 boxes sold = $1,300 earned

Note: If your organization isn’t tax exempt, taxes may be deducted from the total funds earned.

Who should checks be made out to?

Checks should be made payable to your organization.

When do we collect payment for ordered cards?

Payment for cards are collected at the time of sale.

How do customers order cards?

We can provide a customizable online order form and/or paper order forms for your organization to use to collect orders. We can also discuss alternative forms of payment collection, depending on your organization's needs.

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