Learning Palette Word Usage - Level 2


This set of cards gives children practice with using and modifying words. Understanding how words are used and how their meaning is modified helps strengthen oral language skills, reading skills, and writing skills.

Includes 144 challenges: 12 cards with 12 challenges on each cards. Each card is SELF-CORRECTING.

If you don't have one already, you will need to purchase a Learning Palette Base (sold separately) to use this product.

Topics covered in this set include:
• abbreviations
• singular and plural nouns
• pronouns
• inflectional ending s
• past and present tense
• adjective meanings

The cards provide practice in the following skills:
Card 1 - identifying abbreviations for day and month names.
Card 2 - Identifying abbreviations.
Card 3 - Using endings -s, -es, and -ies.
Card 4 - Matching singular nouns with irregular plural nouns.
Card 5 - Using context clues to find a missing word.
Card 6 - Indentifying matching pronouns.
Card 7 - Using inflectional ending -s.
Card 8 - Using am, is, and are.
Card 9 - Matching present-tense verbs with irregular past-tense verbs.
Card 10 - Using adjectives.
Card 11 - Matching comparatives to pictures.
Card 12 - using inflectional endings -s and -'s.

To be used in conjunction with the "Learning Palette Base", part number LP-B100.

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