Organic Science Lab


Saving the planet starts with you! This 21-piece science kit lets kids perform over 30 organic chemistry experiments using environmentally friendly science tools! The test tubes and beakers are made so that natural microorganisms can break them down more quickly than regular plastics. And when you're done experimenting, the kit packaging is compostable! The illustrated 40-page book lets young eco-heroes perform experiments that demonstrate organic processes at work. Activities include making paper, cooking up four types of bioplastics, extracting DNA from plants, brewing natural watercolor paints, and even popping a balloon using an orange peel!Includes a graduated cylinder, 120 mL beaker, Erlenmeyer flask, test tubes and test tube stand, papermaking deckle and frame, large and small bioplastic-forming trays, spatula, shape molds, pipette, 4 Latex Balloons, 100 mL of glycerin for making bioplastics, funnel, and paintbrush.Adult supervision is required for several of the activities. Experiments require household ingredients not included in the kit. You can find a complete list of ingredients used in the recipes inside the book.

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