The Good and the Beautiful Curriculum: Typing 1 Review

The Good and the Beautiful Curriculum: Typing 1 Review

January 4, 2022
Brittany the Book Lady

We have another review to go along with our mid-year homeschool refresh with The Good and the Beautiful! I cannot tell you how excited my 8 year old was to receive and dive into the first lesson for her new typing curriculum!

Thanks to the company The Good and the Beautiful for this free product in exchange for our honest review!

Here’s what we have liked so far -
Lessons are scaffolded and start very simple and short to prevent overwhelm. Children are taught correct posture from the beginning to prevent injury - so important! Along with the importance of the home row, children are taught space bar, delete, and return buttons.

My daughter was able to see success with typing from lesson 1 as a brand new beginner. With a skill that is often fraught with frustration and overwhelm in kids, I was very impressed and pleased by how the lessons are laid out and set children up for success, even going as far as pointing out how simple it is to correct their mistakes along the way. No emphasis on speed at this time. She was begging to do more lessons!

No need to gamify the learning to type process and have more “screen time” in our day. I was pleased to see that seems to be working for typing instruction just as well as it does for other subjects! I highly recommend!

Have any questions about this curriculum or The Good and the Beautiful company? Just ask and we will do our best to answer! 

Brittany the Book Lady

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