The Good and the Beautiful Curriculum: Space Science Homeschool Unit Review

The Good and the Beautiful Curriculum: Space Science Homeschool Unit Review

January 4, 2022
Brittany the Book Lady

This week, we have been diving into our mid-year homeschool refresh with The Good and the Beautiful We are excited to switch some things up with exciting new electives to keep things fun in our homeschool!

Thanks to the company The Good and the Beautiful for this free product in exchange for our honest review!

This week, my kiddos started our space unit. We already love the science units from The Good and the Beautiful and have already enjoyed the safety and human body units.

As a busy work from home homeschool mama, I really appreciate the open and go structure and minimal prep work that I’ve found in all of the curriculum that I have tried from this company so far. I am not very crafty and hands-on activities are not my forte so I really love that this company breaks down every step and keeps things simple for students and caregivers alike!

I also appreciate that God is woven into this curriculum and we are frequently pointed to his beauty, creation, and work in our lives through our homeschool.

The curriculum is affordable as well, and free PDF accompaniments are included with many of the curriculum options.

The curriculum is beautiful and colorful to boot! No boring black and white workbooks will be found here! We appreciate the vibrant colors and photos, artwork, and illustrations embedded in our curriculum materials.

For lesson 1 in our space unit, we are pointed to God’s grandeur in the creation of the universe and then we moved on to learn the order of the planets and some key vocabulary. We learned some fun facts about the Milky Way.

Stay tuned for some more of our curriculum reviews right here on the blog! Have any questions? Just ask!

Brittany the Book Lady

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