I've joined UBAM for the Discount! Now what?

I've joined UBAM for the Discount! Now what?

Welcome aboard! No matter your reason for joining, we are so glad that you are here and we are excited to support you on whatever you hope to gain from this opportunity! 

So you're probably thinking to yourself...I've joined UBAM! Now what?? I'm here to share 7 tips that I have to help you MAXIMIZE your new consultant perks and discounts! 

Tip 1 - Set up direct deposit

In order for you to earn 25% back in commission on your own purchases (placed either online or in the back office), it will be important for you to set up your direct deposit right away (we get paid weekly on Wednesdays) to either a checking or savings account. To do this, you will log in to back office, tap business sites on the bottom of the sidebar menu, and then tap update direct deposit. Directions to login to your back office for the first time was sent in your welcome email from corporate home office.

Tip 2 - Set up an event link

With the purchase of your new consultant kit, you will have access to our website package, which includes our e-commerce site and back office websites for 6 months (after 6 months, the site is $8/month and if it expires, you can renew at any time with no penalty). I encourage all of my new consultants (from the hobbyists, to those who join to earn income, and everyone in between) to set up a shopping link that can stay active for up to 6 months. I personally always have an event link set up for people to shop in between my own personal events. To set up an event link, visit your e-commerce website using the link and instructions from your welcome email, and login. Once logged in (your name will appear next to "my consultant" on the top), tap "my account" and you will see that admin functions will pop up. Tap "add event" and then leave start date as it defaults, add 6 months to the end date, and fill in first and last name, and tap save. The next screen will display your new link for shopping and sharing. Note that there are digits at the end of this link.

What you do with the event link will be up to you and you have many options (I'll share more about those in the next few tips!). The event link allows you to earn free and half priced books on purchases made on the link. If this link reaches $250 within your first 8 weeks/incentive period, you can even close this out for double free books! If the event link reaches $100, you are eligible to earn free and half priced books with our base level rewards. Be sure to make a note and or set a calendar reminder about this date so you are sure to close out before then and avoid missing out! After your first 8 weeks, you will default to using the monthly host rewards chart (changes on the 1st of every month) or the base level chart that begins at $100 in full retail (subtotal) sales. See charts below! When you are ready to close out your event link, I have a step-by-step video tutorial to help you with this! Where applicable, don't forget to add the free book credit that came with your new consultant kit to your first host rewards order that you close out to save yourself some shipping!

Tip 3 - Explore bulk ordering to maximize your discounts

While you do have the option to order on an event link (and share it with others!) that you set up for yourself for up to 6 months and accrue free and half priced books for yourself based on the event link sales, you also have the option to take advantage of bulk ordering! If you plan to place an order of over $100 in full retail books, you could submit this order as a party for yourself straight in back office and close it out and redeem for free and half priced books all at once. You will receive 25% commission back on the amount that you put in full retail! If you choose to place a bulk order first, be sure to attach your free book credit that came with your new consultant kit to this first order in step 3 when you close it out

If you already plan on ordering at least $250 in full retail books, another option you can consider is entering your order as a book fair! When doing this, you will get free shipping and 50% back in free books (you will be responsible for paying a $5 book fair fee in lieu of shipping) with no limits! So for $250+ tax and a $5 book fair fee, you will be able to choose $375 minimum in books! It's a pretty great deal! You will receive 17% commission back on the amount that you put in full retail on book fair orders.

Tip 4 - Share your event link

Again, you have options on how to share the link that you set up! This could be as simple as texting, emailing, or sending a dm with this link to friends and family to encourage them to check out the books and shop with you! You could even share this link on social media or include the link as part of your Facebook profile or Instagram bio. I'm willing to bet that your friends would love the books as much as you do and would be thrilled to have the opportunity to shop with you! 

Tip 5 - Host your own exposure event

No matter what you choose to do with this opportunity with UBAM, I encourage you to set up an exposure event of some kind. This can take many forms! You can host an exposure event virtually or in-person! There are many formats through which you can host an event these days - I prefer to host my events virtually on a platform called Sqweee and I would love to help you host your first event there! Some consultants choose to host their events on Facebook and I have resources to share with you to do this, too! Some think even further outside the box and have hosted text or Facebook messenger parties, Zoom events, social media LIVE videos, email parties, catalog events, or set up a landing page or drop-in style event with resources, book videos, and raising reader tips for friends and family to stop by and check out on their own time. You are not limited to these options! The possibilities are endless and we love all of the creative ways that consultants are sharing books these days! 

The reason I recommend hosting some kind of exposure event is so that you can casually get your name out there as someone who your friends and family can order books through, at least for the next 6 months! Why not earn 25% commission on your friends' purchases as well as free and half priced books for yourself, while you can?? If your friends decide they would like to host their own events after you've shared, you could partner with them to host events (with my help, if needed!) and you can earn commission on these OR I'm happy to be a point person who can help them host their own events.

Tip 6 - Learn about our new consultant perks

New consultants each get an 8 week incentive period (CLIMB) and can earn free book credits to use on books of your choice, company branded swag, and even cash bonuses based on your sales and recruiting during this limited time period! If you already plan to shop and share your link, it would be worth it to peek at these CLIMB incentives and set a goal for yourself that you'd like to reach within your first 8 weeks! 

Tip 7 - Learn more about what's possible! 

Who knows - after you host an exposure event for yourself, you may be surprised by how fun, easy, and flexible it is to run a business with UBAM on your own time, in the hours you set for yourself, or at any level that you wish! you may even find that a handful of friends are interested in hosting events with you! At this point, I encourage you to learn more about what's possible with UBAM! Did you know that we are about more than just hosting book parties? We also have the ability to partner with schools, libraries, and organizations on a variety of programs, such as fundraisers, book fairs (both virtual and in-person), reading programs, book drives, and more? If you really find yourself enjoying this business, you can even give yourself a raise by promoting yourself to team leader with my support! I'm happy to chat with you about the team leader requirements at any time! 

Brittany the Book Lady

Growing up I was first introduced to Usborne Books and More at a young age when my mom had purchased books for our family. Since then, I've fallen in love with the books and the company's mission to promote literacy throughout the country.​

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