Earn Free Usborne Books When You Shop with a Personal Shopping Link!

Earn Free Usborne Books When You Shop with a Personal Shopping Link!

October 2, 2022
Brittany the Book Lady

If you’re anything like me, your wishlist may be a mile long and a bit bigger than your budget at this moment. Well I’m here to offer a handy shopping hack that allows you to maximize your budget and shop at your own pace! Introducing personal shopping links! Let’s chat about what they are and how you can use them! 

Quite simply, a personal shopping link is a link that I set up just for you to complete your shopping. You can shop on this link as much as you would like for up to 6 months and close it out for free and half priced books whenever you’d like just as long as the link has reached at least $100! Take a look at our base level rewards chart here to see what you can earn on your own shopping! Depending on how large your link grows, you may even be able to take advantage of our monthly host rewards that change monthly as well, which usually start at $350 or $400 in sales.

More flexibility for you! Want to accrue even more rewards? Feel free to share your personal shopping link with friends and family to shop as they wish as well! All the while, as sales ramp up, your potential for earning free and half priced books increases, too!

Did you know that you can also create a shareable wishlist for the special children in your life? That’s right! Browse books at your leisure and instead of adding to cart, add to wishlist! Once you are done, scroll to the bottom of your wishlist and copy and paste that url to friends, family, or anyone who may want to grab some books for your children! This is a great feature to use around kids birthdays, and holidays throughout the year, or any opportunity for gift-giving! Again, as friends and family shop your wishlist, your rewards can grow even more!

Lastly, definitely not required, but since you have a shopping link set up anyway, you also have the option of pairing it with an online book party with the help of yours truly! I promise, our virtual book events are quick, fun, easy, and painless! We can pick a date to gather with your friends and family to chat about books, literacy tips, and how to encourage reading and learning with the special children in your lives. There may even be some prizes and freebies! Definitely consider hosting an easy party with me on Sqweee! I’m happy to answer any questions or address any of your concerns about this option!

Brittany the Book Lady

Growing up I was first introduced to Usborne Books and More at a young age when my mom had purchased books for our family. Since then, I've fallen in love with the books and the company's mission to promote literacy throughout the country.​

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