1st Annual Usborne Books & More March Book Tournament

1st Annual Usborne Books & More March Book Tournament

April 7, 2021
Brittany the Book Lady

In the month of March, I selected 16 TOP TITLES off of our online bookstore to go head to head in a fun book tournament. Over in my VIP group on Facebook, members voted throughout the month to determine which books would slide to the next tier of the bracket and make their way to the reigning champion spot! Check out our bracket - our first annual March Book Tournament results are in!

Let's take a closer look at the contenders who made it to the second tier of our book tournament bracket! I definitely noticed a trend! A title about Manners, 3 reusable sticker books, and 4 books from our Nibbles series authored by creative genius, Emma Yarlett! 

A Manners Book

Mind Your Manners - This is a book featuring soft illustrations of jungle animals with a sweet rhyming story that will teach children about some common manners that we should all practice following! By practicing good manners, we learn that our lives can be so much better and we can get along a lot happier with our friends! Every family needs a book about manners in their home! 

Reusable Sticker Books

Our reusable sticker books are so popular! These sturdy board books each come with 5 reusable and repositionable stickers. What novelty! These books provide endless fun for little ones.

Time to Brush - In this book, children will match the 5 reusable toothbrush stickers to 5 friends and learn the routine and importance of brushing your teeth!  After all, we want our teeth to be clean, clean, clean! Children will delight in the repetition and matching opportunities, all while improving their fine motor skills and visual discrimination as they brush the characters' teeth throughout the book.

All Better - In our original reusable sticker book All Better, children will match 5 colored reusable bandaid stickers to 5 friends and practice cleaning it, kissing it, and putting a bandage on owies to make their injured friends feel all better. Then, they will practice matching the bandaids to their proper colors when they are done! Getting hurt can happen every once in a while and this book prepares children on how to handle these situations so that it's not so scary.

Kisses, Cuddles, and Good Night - In this book, children will practice putting 5 friends to bed by giving them kisses, cuddles, and a matching reusable sticker buddy to snuggle up with before saying good night. What a great book to add to your child's bedtime routine, as it's a fabulous book to cuddle up with! 

Nibbles Picture Books

In this series, we are introduced to Nibbles, a cheeky, yet lovable little monster who enjoys nibbling his way through books. Children are so entertained, following him on his adventures, in and out of flaps and chew holes as he eats through smaller books "inside of" the larger picture books in this fun series.

Nibbles: The Book Monster - In this book, we are first introduced to Nibbles the book monster and in this first story of the series, he eats his way through 3 beloved fairy tales! Of course, he wreaks mischief and changes the outcomes of those stories while he's nibbling on his visit. Children will laugh out loud through this tale and will love spotting him on the pages and following him through his many chew holes! 

Nibbles: The Monster Hunt - In this book, Nibbles eats his way through a fact book and causes chaos after freeing a dragon. He then must work to escape the hungry dragon's fiery wrath! This book features flaps, smaller books inside the book, and chew holes galore! Children will be entertained by this silly story and they will also learn some interesting facts along the way! 

Nibbles Board Books

These board books came around a little bit later than our original Nibbles picture books, but they are just as loved as the first ones! They are both made with sturdy board book pages and have flaps and cut outs just like the Nibbles picture books do.

Nibbles: Colors - In this board book, Nibbles chomps his way through a book of colors! On each page, you'll see his distinct chew hole through the book and the chew holes create a neat layered effect as the book progresses! At the end, children will see that Nibbles ate his way through all of the colors of the rainbow! What a neat way to introduce colors to little ones! 

Nibbles: Numbers - In this title, Nibbles devours a book of numbers! As he nibbles his way through numbers 1 through 10, children will notice that the higher the number goes, the more chew holes they will find on each 2 page spread to count. Children are introduced to the numerical form, the word form, and a picture representation of numbers 1-10 in this unique book! 

Our reigning champ for our 1st Annual March Book Tournament was Nibbles the Book Monster, the original book in the Nibbles series! What's not to love about our favorite book monster? 

Be sure to join my VIP group on Facebook where you can participate in future book tournaments and other fun happenings!

Brittany the Book Lady

Growing up I was first introduced to Usborne Books and More at a young age when my mom had purchased books for our family. Since then, I've fallen in love with the books and the company's mission to promote literacy throughout the country.​

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