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Hosting a Book Party

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I’m ready to host a party now! How can I get started?

You see value Usborne Books & More can provide you and your family through free books earned by hosting a party. Click here to schedule your book party!

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How much does it cost to host an Usborne Books & More Party?

There are no costs, no obligation, and no out of pocket expenses to host an Usborne Books & More party. You just invite your friends and family and your UBAM consultant does the rest! Please note that tax, shipping, and a nominal host fee will apply to your host rewards order.

Do I have to host a party if I requested one?

No, you don’t. We know life happens, things come up, people change their mind. If for some reason you decide you don’t want to host... you don’t have to host. There is no contract, no cost to you, and you have no obligation to host a party.

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What do I need to host? What all is involved hosting a book party?

All you need to do is invite your friends to party and show your enthusiasm for the books. Your guests will learn about Usborne Books and Kane Miller Books. Guests will then buy books they’re interested in for the kids in their lives. After the party is over, you earn host rewards on the total sales of your party!

Why would my friends and family want to attend my party... some don’t even have kids?

Your friends and family will want to attend your party because parties are fun in general and many people enjoy getting to buy books for kids, even if they don’t have kids of their own (think aunts, uncles, grandparents, close friends, etc.).

Can I order from my own party?

Yes, you can order from your own party! If you order from your own party, your book purchases will count towards FREE books for you. Contact me to schedule your own party.

Still have questions about hosting a party with Usborne?

For more details and to start the process of booking a party, contact me.

How can I raise money for my favorite charity?

You can host a party to raise funds and/or free books for your charity of choice. Another option to raise funds for worthy organizations is our Cards for a Cause program.

I want to host a party. What do I do?

If you’re interested in hosting an Usborne Books & More party, contact me to book your party. When you host, you’re immediately eligible for Usborne Books & More’s generous host rewards program. After you schedule your party, I’ll walk you through the whole process guiding you along every step of the way. I am happy to show you the best way to go about inviting your guests, maximize your host rewards, and I love personally helping each guest at your party to find the best books for the special kids in their life.

You can also learn about the advantages of hosting a party using Sqweee.

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Ready to schedule your party with Usborne Books & More?

Great, we can schedule your party! Still have questions? No problem! Contact me with any hosting questions you may have or to book your Usborne Books & More party.

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Usborne Books & More Host / Hostess Rewards

Party Sales Free Books Half-Price Books
$1950 $380 $475
$1900 $370 $475
$1850 $360 $450
$1800 $350 $450
$1750 $340 $425
$1700 $330 $425
$1650 $320 $400
$1600 $310 $400
$1550 $300 $375
$1500 $290 $375
$1450 $280 $350
$1400 $270 $350
$1350 $260 $325
$1300 $250 $325
$1250 $240 $300
$1200 $230 $300
$1150 $220 $275
$1100 $210 $275
$1050 $200 $250
$1000 $190 $250
$950 $180 $225
$900 $170 $225
$850 $160 $200
$800 $150 $200
$750 $140 $175
$700 $130 $175
$650 $120 $150
$600 $110 $150
$550 $100 $125
$500 $90 $125
$450 $80 $100
$400 $70 $100
$350 $60 $75
$300 $50 $75
$250 $40 $50
$200 $30 $50
$175 $25 $25
$150 $20 $25
$125 $15 $25
$100 $10 $25
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Can I really earn FREE books hosting an Usborne Books & More party?

Yes you can! There is no catch. You pay NO TAX on your FREE books. You will need to pay shipping on the books and a nominal host fee but other than that... the actual books you earn are FREE to you!

Can I just get FREE books by having my own party for myself?

You absolutely can have your own personal party. You can host a party with just yourself, place a large book order, and get host rewards on your own purchases. If you want to have your own party to earn rewards contact me to schedule your party.

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What are the free books that I get to choose from?

There are no restrictions on what FREE books you get to choose. You literally have the entire Usborne Books & More catalog to choose your books from.

After a host’s party is over how do they get their rewards?

Hosts get to pick out their free and half-priced books which are then shipped from our Home Office warehouse directly to their house. Consultants enter the host order through their back office website. Consultants are not responsible for paying for their hosts’ rewards.

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Online Stores Selling Usborne Books & More

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Can’t I just buy Usborne books at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or a local bookstore?

Some retailers may carry a very small amount of our titles, but only an Usborne Books & More consultants can offer the entire 2,000+ catalog of books. Consultants can also offer the best price on new Usborne Books and Kane Miller Books titles and can offer the 50% lifetime replacement warranty on any damaged books.

I’ve seen Usborne and Kane Miller books on Amazon for cheaper or with free shipping.

You will occasionally see Usborne or Kane Miller books offered on Amazon by 3rd party sellers. Officially, Usborne does not allow its books to be sold on Amazon (read about it here). When you do see Usborne or Kane Miller books offered on Amazon they are likely over MSRP, the books are in used condition being resold, they don’t ship for free, or the books aren’t in-stock. You can trust that you will ALWAYS find the best service, the best selection (the full catalog), and the best value when you shop direct with an Usborne Books & More consultant.

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Ready to schedule your book party? Schedule your party today! Once scheduled, I’ll be in touch to coach you on what to expect and guide you through the process. It’s easy to host an Usborne Books & More party! If you change your mind, you can cancel or reschedule your party. You have no obligation to host a party if you decide that it’s not for you, and there is no cost associated with hosting a party. Tax, sales, and a nominal host fee will apply to your host rewards order.

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